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Classic Car Repairs at Jeepers Keepers

We do love a Classic Car here! We've had the opportunity to work on some absolute beauties of late! Take a look at what we've been working on.


Poor little Peugeot!

We had this Peugeot in for a few days a couple of weeks ago with a nasty bit of damage! This dent was 2-3cm deep with a scratch right along the swage line of this car. These kind of repairs are a little more tricky as they need lots more shaping to make them look… Continue reading Poor little Peugeot!

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A guide to getting your car serviced

Getting your car serviced annually is important because; It prolongs the life of lots of mechanical components.It improves your vehicle reliability.It keeps you safer.It helps you reduce the risk of unexpected repairs.A service can flag up other problems so you can get them fixed sooner, before they cause more damage. When you book your car… Continue reading A guide to getting your car serviced