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Classic Car Repairs at Jeepers Keepers

We do love a Classic Car here! We’ve had the opportunity to work on some absolute beauties of late.

This Mini has had loads of work done on it including a new front panel, repainted bonnet and front end. We fitted the front fog lamp assembly plus mechanical and electrical work for the MOT. Isn’t that colour just perfect?!

We’re also working on this gorgeous old Austin Metropolitan for paintwork on the bonnet and wings and some mechanical work. The 50’s vibe on this makes me want to head the a milkshare bar and listen to the jukebox.

Finally, this VW T2 Camper- what a stunner! This mainly needs welding and work on the chassis. We’re also doing a bunch of mechanical work. #classiccamperlife

Do you have a classic that need some attention? From paintwork and bodywork to mechanical and electrical work, we’d love to take a look! Give us a call, or drop by and we can provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.

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