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Damaged Door Replacement

Two doors and rear wheel arch damage, in for repair.

I’ve blogged about something similar before, that sometimes when there is a large area of damage to a panel it can be more cost effective to replace than it is to repair.

The full extent of the damage to the side of this customers car.

In this case, there was some damage to the side of this customers car. The damage started near the front of the driver door and also covered the rear door and the rear wheel arch. In this case the time it would take to push out the dent, replace the trim and do a paint repair on the doors would take a long time. So replacing the door with new ones, painted to match was much more cost effective.

So we ordered two new doors. They arrived in primer ready for paint so we painted them up to match the paint code for the car. One of the good things about a repair like this, is that lots of the work can be done BEFORE the car is with us. This mean less disruption for the customer.

Now for the fiddly bit! All the furniture from the old damaged doors needs fitting onto the new ones. Above is the old door on the left and the new door on the right. We had to take off the internal door cards off the door to reveal all the internal electrics, window mechanisms, lock mechanisms etc.

Although most of the internal stuff is moved over from the old doors, we will replace the seals to ensure the best fit!

Once the new doors have all the internals fitted, they’ll be back on the car. Good as new!

If you have any body work damage, drop by! We’ll happily give you a free estimate for the work.

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Rust Repair- cut, patch, weld, paint!

In simple terms, this weeks rust repair needed to be cut out, patched and welded and finally painted. However, rust repairs are NEVER simple!

This is what we started with… and the closer you get the worse it looks.

The difficult thing about a rust repair is that until we start to grind it all back and get rid of the paint and grime from the underside of the bodywork, we can’t tell how bad it is or how far it goes.

In this case, what looked like a bit of rust around the edge of the wheel arch carried on all the way to the bottom and along the sill.

The culpit? Muck.

As we drive muck and dirt from the road gets into the wheel arch and some ends up sitting on the lip of the arch. This gets wet and becomes, essentially, mud which rots the arch from the inside out!


To get rid of all the rust we had to grind back all around the arch and cut away some badly damaged metal from the sill.

Then, to fill in the gaps we needed to weld a patch of new metal into place.

Here the new metal has been welded into place ready for sanding and filling the whole of the prepared area to get it perfectly smooth ready for primer and then paint.

Here it is after the first fill, ready to be flatted back once dry to check for any more bits that need filling. Next was primer and paint. The finished article???

Rust free and ready to go! If your vehicle has some rust, I’d encourage you to get it looked at. Unfortunately, it’ll only spread further and cost more to fix!

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Spot The Peeling Lacquer…

Peeling lacquer is not good for your cars paint. Although it can happen with age, the peeling on this car is due to something else.

Unfortunately, at some point in the cars life, someone has repaired this, and not done it all that well. And it all comes down to the lacquer application.

The lacquer is the protective coating that is applied over the car’s paint. It protects the paint and gives it a glossy finish. Two coats are always recommended.

In this case, it’s likely that the paint was allowed to dry completely, giving the lacquer nothing to cling to. Although it’s lasted a good while, at the first tiny bit of damage the lacquer will begin to peel away. This lets the elements get in and begin peeling. Once it starts the only way to stop it is to take it all off.


So that’s what we’re doing today.

We started by removing the logo and all the decals (and the glue which holds them on). Then so small repairs to the logo each. This will give a super smooth finish.

After that, we sanded back all the lacquer and paint.

All this prep will be followed by a couple of coats of paint that are colour matched to the car, and once dry and a couple of coats of lacquer.

Once finished, the customer will have a smooth, shiny boot without ANY peeling!

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Replacing a Broken Spring

Take a look at this broken spring we recently replaced for a customer.

Broken Spring with text.jpg

This spring was well and truly broken! You can see by the picture above that the broken bits are way off where they’re supposed to be!

This is what the spring looked like when it came off the car.
Definitely broken!

The spring is the part of the suspension system of your car. There is a spring on each wheel which means that when you go over a bump in your car that the ride is smoother. If the spring breaks you’ll hear a rattling banging sound when you go over bumps and rough roads, plus the ride will feel much more uncomfortable.

Replacing a spring is a fairly time-consuming job and is different depending on the car and types suspension system. In this case, we first have to remove the wheel and then the shock absorber. Getting the shock absorber off involves decompressing the spring to remove the top baring. Once this is removed it’s onto the new spring.

Here is the shiny new spring!

To put it back on you have to compress the new spring in order to fit the shock absorber back into it. Once the top baring has been refitted the whole thing can be put back onto the car.

At this time of year, it’s important to get this sort of thing fixed as soon as possible. Driving with a broken spring on snowy, icy or very wet roads can be dangerous as your braking efficiency can be reduced. That is the last thing you want on a slippery road.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think that your spring might have broken!



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Dronfield Eye Offer Terms & Conditions

Valid for November and December 2018 and January 2019.
The date of the booking must be within these months.
10% will be deduced from the service BEFORE VAT is added.
Any additional work or works required following the service will be charged at the standard rate.
Jeepers Keepers Auto Centre reserves the right to change or remove this offer at any time.
Offer can be claimed once per vehicle.

Remember to bring your copy of the Dronfield Eye in to qualify for the offer!