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✨🙌✨ Shiney new advert! ✨🙌✨

Did you know we offer free collection and delivery in S8 too?*

To make life a little easier, if you are in the S8 area we can collect your car the morning of your booking, complete the work and deliver it back at the end of the day!

So you can sit back, and not have to worry about it.

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*Collection and delivery are subject to availability… it usually is though!

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A little bumper scrape repair

Recently, we did a small repair on a bumper that had a small dent and some paint damage.

It might not look like much but the customer wanted it gone.


So, we started by sanding back the paint over the damaged and surrounding area. Then used some filler to fill the dent.

Here it is with the filler added, waiting to dry.

Once dry, it’s sanded back to smooth.


After filler, comes the primer then paint. We mix the specific colour that matches the paint code for the vehicle and start adding coats. The new paint is blended into the existing paintwork to ensure the new repair doesn’t stand out.

Here it is after the first coat. Once dried, the next coat was added.



After the paint, we add lacquer. This protects the paint from the elements and gives it a lovely shine.

The last job is a buff and polish to make it look as good as new!

Here is the finished product, ready to go home to the customer.

If you have some paintwork that needs some attention, it doesn’t matter how big or small, we can take a look and give you a free estimate. Just drop by, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and we’d be happy to help!

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The tale of the lost nut…

Once upon a time, we realised my rear brakes were squeaking a bit. But fear not! My husband is a mechanic! How fortunate!

Until… we realised I had misplaced the locking wheel nut key meaning those rear wheels weren’t going anywhere. Oops.

It’s finally got bad enough that the Joe decided we needed to crack on and sort it. He has spent his lunch break working with an angle grinder, hammer and chisel to work the wheel nuts free.

3 nuts down without too much drama (unless you count the sparks!) He was able to use the angle grinder to cut away the round outside casing off the nut and then, with the chisel, hammer it round to take off. And here are 2 of the offending wheel nuts…


Sadly, wheel nut number 4 did not want to cooperate. That will require drilling down the side of the wheel nut to try to loosen it off and then using the hammer and chisel again to get it out.

Fingers crossed it isn’t too big of a job!


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Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair.png

Last week we repaired a couple of alloys with nasty scrapes around the edge!

Scuffing your wheels on the kerb is all too easy, unfortunately repairing the damage is not quite as easy!

In order to repair these wheels the first job is break the bead on the tyre to give us room to work (aka, pop the tyre off the rim). It’s left in place while painting. Here’s a picture of it in process;



Although it’s difficult to tell, in this picture the damage on the alloy has been sanded back and filled. Once the filler is dry, we shape it so that the repair blends in.





This picture the alloy after is has been primed and then repainted. Shiney!



And here’s the finished article, back on the car!

Give us a call for an estimate if you have alloys that need bringing back up to scratch.


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Scuffed Wheel Arch Repair

Wheel Arch Scuff Repair

Here’s some pictures of a small bodywork job we did last week.

The customer came in with a small amount of damage to the wheel arch area of the wing and bumper. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t too deep meaning that we didn’t need to spend too much time shaping it.

So we flatted back the damaged and surrounding area and gave a small skim of filler to take out any irregularities left. Once this was dry and shaped we added primer, then paint and finally a coat of lacquer.

This left the car with a shiny new coat of paint!

A small repair like this takes around 6 hours. If you have a scuff you want repaired, you can give us a call for an estimate.