Poor little Peugeot!

We had this Peugeot in for a few days a couple of weeks ago with a nasty bit of damage!

This dent was 2-3cm deep with a scratch right along the swage line of this car. These kind of repairs are a little more tricky as they need lots more shaping to make them look right, but with enough time it can look as good as new.

Fortunately, after taking off the inside trim, there was a perfect little gap close to the damage. This means we were able to push out some of the damage.

This involves someone on the inside levering out the dent with a bar and someone on the outside tapping the area with a hammer. The bar on the inside acts as a dolly, while the hammer can tap it back into shape.

It gave us a good start at getting the panel back into shape.

Then we were able to start on filler. Because of the placement and depth of the damage it required filling and flatting back numerous times to get the shape correct.

This angle gives you a good view of the angle of the swage line!

We used a long sanding block to ensure we got the best possible shape on this panel.

Once the shape is done (and in this case that was most of a days work!) it’s the usual, primer, paint and lacquer. Here is the finished article!

If you have any bodywork that needs repairing, why not pop down for a free estimate?

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