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Retro Fitting Parking Sensors

Can you spot the difference? Retrofitting reverse parking sensors is more straightforward that you might think... Check out our blog post for how we did it.

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Wheel Arch Repair

Wheel arch repairs are one of our most frequent bodywork repairs. Last week, Joe did a nice repair on this wheel arch that needed some TLC. Here's how he did it! The car arrived in the morning with this nasty damageĀ along one of the wheel arches. Aside from the scratches in the paint there were… Continue reading Wheel Arch Repair

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Scuffed Wheel Arch Repair

Here's some pictures of a small bodywork job we did last week. The customer came in with a small amount of damage to the wheel arch area of the wing and bumper. Fortunately, the damage wasn't too deep meaning that we didn't need to spend too much time shaping it. So we flatted back the… Continue reading Scuffed Wheel Arch Repair