Here are some examples of work we’ve done. From small dents and scuffs to larger accident repairs, along with the mechanical work we offer- we’ve got you covered.

A selection of before an after shots of some repairs we’ve done to scuffs and scratches on bumpers and wheel arches.

Replacing the shoes on this classic Bedford CF motorhome

Retro fitting parking sensor to a Ka.
Repair process for a corner repair.
Wheel Arch Scuff Repair
Wheel arch scuff repair. Look how shiny it is!
before and after sill arch repair
Scratched and dented sill repair.
A busy day in the workshop!
FiatBumper corner repair
Repair to the front bumper corner of a Fiat. A few small scratches and scrapes all repaired and polished up.
Roof Dent Repair WP image.png
This roof dent repair (the first repair done in the paint bay!) required filling, flatting back, priming and painting. Now- looks good as new!
A Fiesta with a few body work issues. Sometimes, to push out and reshape a dent can take so much time that it can be cheaper just to replace the panel. That was the case here.
The most cost effective way to repair this for our customer was to buy a new wing and paint it up to match. Can’t even tell the difference can you!
Bumper repair
This little scrape in the bumper was only small, but the placement made it very noticeable! Plus it actually stood proud of the bumper having been pushed against a bit of metal within the car.
To repair this was a case of heating the plastic so it could be pushed back into shape then fill and reshape, followed by flatting, primer and paint.
Lots of processes on one little spot but it looks good as new now!
Boot lid repair
This car had a badly damaged boot lid. It was better value to buy and paint up a new boot lid to replace the damaged one. We primed, painted and fitted the new one and it looks as good as new.
front bumper wheel arch FB picture
Repair job we did on the front bumper round onto the wheel arch. The panel was prepped, primed and painted then polished up ready for the customer.
discovery brakes.jpg
Fitting front brakes and disc pads to a Discovery.
Gallery Image
Wheel arch repair- start to shiny finish!
Charging, ready for a battery test.
DSC_1008 2_zpsq8zbnvyd
On the ramp, replacing the front brakes.
New clutch kit fitted, all ready for the new gearbox.
Bumper dent and scrape
A bumper dent and paint repair done recently. We pushed the dent out, reshaped and then painted the bumper corner.