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MG Sill Repair- age related rust

Age related damage is common in older cars. Especially rust. Years of being battered by rain, dirt, knocks and people climbing over it means your cars sills will take a lot of damage.

Plus, they’re hidden away out of eye line, so the start of a problem is easily missed until the rust has set in.

This week we’ve got a lovely old ’68 MG in the workshop. Here it is all covered up, ready for paint.

It needed some welding and a rust treatment before painting to keep the rust at bay.

Here is the passenger side repaired, painted and ready for lacquer.

Here’s the driver side baking after paint.

Repairing rust is tricky, especially on an older car. It likes to creep back in and cause more damage. Using the rust treatment helps keep it at bay, and a good solid paint jobs keeps it well protected.

This lovely old MG will be off home soon with nice, solid sills. Classic cars are a real favourite here, even with the blemishes that come along with them so fixing them up always gives us real pride. It’s lovely sending an old girl like this back home looking fab.

Let us know what you think! Do you have a favourite classic?

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