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Ever wonder what the inside of you exhaust silencer looks like? And why it’s so important?

Listen to our holidays woes and I’ll explain…

Earlier this year we took our lovely old 83′ Bedford CF motorhome up to Northumberland for a week. It was your typical, soggy British holiday but we enjoyed it nonetheless. However the fun really began on our journey up there…

Here’s a picture of the old girl, Doloris ❤

An old motorhome this size is never going to be quiet, but about an hour into our 4 hour journey it started to get louder. We stopped at the services and took a look (being married to a mechanic is unbelievably useful). He found a little hole in the silencer. We battled on but it got louder, and louder, and louder.

3 very noisy hours later we arrived at the campsite sounding like a tank! With ears ringing, two unhappy children and their parents tried not to attract too much attention as we rumbled through the tranquil campsite…. Honestly, the looks we got were priceless.

The hole had got a bit bigger. This is what the silencer looked like…

Not wonder it was such a racket!

An exhaust silencer is a magic bit of kit. It contains a set of tubes, with little holes in and feeds the engines gases through. The sound waves essentially reflect off one another, cancelling each other out.

You don’t notice the HUGE job this does… until it stops working. A small hole in the silencer means the noise and gases get forced out of the wrong place giving you a very noisy exhaust.

Fortunately for us, Joe’s mechanic skills (and the wonders of Amazon next day delivery) managed to source a repair kit, get it delivered to the campsite and fix it up enough to not deafen us all within a couple of days!

For comparison, here is the new stainless steel one he fitted to replace the holey one. It is SO much quieter, thank goodness.

If your car starts to sounds a bit noisy, for the sake of your ears, get it checked out!

Fortunately, our ears recovered enough to enjoy some rock pooling! Hooray for mechanics!

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