Can you spot the difference? Old to new Camshaft…

Another lesson in engine innards! This time- Camshaft.

The camshaft is a long metal rod with oval shaped sections, sometimes called lobes. As the camshaft is spun by the belt/chain it causes the lobes to push against the valves to open them. As the camshaft continues to rotate; springs on the valves return them to their closed position. A vital job in keeping your engine running.

This camshaft isn’t too happy! The picture on the left if the old one we took out. Over time, the valves have worn down the lobe. Can you see the ridges with the gap in the middle?? Yeah, that shouldn’t be there!

As the lobe has worn down, it means the valves aren’t being opened fully. Although this will have been a gradual thing, the impact on the engines performance will have been pretty massive.

It’s a pretty big job to change, but completely necessary here.

So, now you know. For your camshaft to do its job, you need oval lobes!

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say… #ovallobes

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