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That time when the Tensioner tried to eat the Auxiliary Belt…

Today we’re taking a looking at this auxiliary belt (or aux belt) and tensioner.

Here is a picture of the tensioner which has completely broken. You can see that is totally twisted with a large gap separating the two sections of the tensioner.

This is why the belt was easily torn.

So why do you need an aux belt?

The aux belt runs your alternator which charges the battery of your car while the engine is running. It is also attached to your AC unit which engages when you turn the air con on. Without the aux belt, your car will keep running, but only until your battery runs out of charge.

Today, we removed the broken tensioner and aux belt and fitted the replacements.

Here is a side by side of the old and new tensioners. The gap between the two sections has gone and it is lined up correctly. This gives the aux belt a smooth surface to run across.

If you need advice on your car or repairs you need, we’re always happy to help.

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