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Some tips for safer driving in the snowy weather.

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With colder weather on the way, the likelihood of snow and ice on the roads is increasing. Here are a few tips to keep you safer on the roads.

1- Check all your lights are working

Give all your lights a check over, especially if you’re heading out later on. No lights when it’s going dark if the snow is falling fast is extremely dangerous. Don’t forget your fog lights too!

2- Fill up with windscreen washer fluid

Make sure your washer fluid is full. This contains some antifreeze, so if you get stuck and things ice over you can make sure your windscreen gets cleared quickly.

3. Check your tyres

Tyres without good tread are not a good idea in the snow and ice. Less tread= less grip. Also, remember to check the tyre pressures.

4. Don’t forget your supplies!

This is especially important if you are off on a long journey or going off the beaten path. The AA recommends;

  • Blanket/sleeping bag
  • Torch (with spare batteries)
  • Rope
  • De-icer and scraper
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Spare headlamp bulbs
  • Jump leads
  • High-visibility vest
  • Shovel
  • Tyre pump
  • Water
  • High-energy snacks
  • Wellies
  • Hat and gloves

With all that gear, you’ll be well prepared if you get stuck somewhere.

Remember- take it easy and stay safe.

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