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Damaged Door Replacement

Two doors and rear wheel arch damage, in for repair.

I’ve blogged about something similar before, that sometimes when there is a large area of damage to a panel it can be more cost effective to replace than it is to repair.

The full extent of the damage to the side of this customers car.

In this case, there was some damage to the side of this customers car. The damage started near the front of the driver door and also covered the rear door and the rear wheel arch. In this case the time it would take to push out the dent, replace the trim and do a paint repair on the doors would take a long time. So replacing the door with new ones, painted to match was much more cost effective.

So we ordered two new doors. They arrived in primer ready for paint so we painted them up to match the paint code for the car. One of the good things about a repair like this, is that lots of the work can be done BEFORE the car is with us. This mean less disruption for the customer.

Now for the fiddly bit! All the furniture from the old damaged doors needs fitting onto the new ones. Above is the old door on the left and the new door on the right. We had to take off the internal door cards off the door to reveal all the internal electrics, window mechanisms, lock mechanisms etc.

Although most of the internal stuff is moved over from the old doors, we will replace the seals to ensure the best fit!

Once the new doors have all the internals fitted, they’ll be back on the car. Good as new!

If you have any body work damage, drop by! We’ll happily give you a free estimate for the work.

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