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Rust Repair- cut, patch, weld, paint!

In simple terms, this weeks rust repair needed to be cut out, patched and welded and finally painted. However, rust repairs are NEVER simple!

This is what we started with… and the closer you get the worse it looks.

The difficult thing about a rust repair is that until we start to grind it all back and get rid of the paint and grime from the underside of the bodywork, we can’t tell how bad it is or how far it goes.

In this case, what looked like a bit of rust around the edge of the wheel arch carried on all the way to the bottom and along the sill.

The culpit? Muck.

As we drive muck and dirt from the road gets into the wheel arch and some ends up sitting on the lip of the arch. This gets wet and becomes, essentially, mud which rots the arch from the inside out!


To get rid of all the rust we had to grind back all around the arch and cut away some badly damaged metal from the sill.

Then, to fill in the gaps we needed to weld a patch of new metal into place.

Here the new metal has been welded into place ready for sanding and filling the whole of the prepared area to get it perfectly smooth ready for primer and then paint.

Here it is after the first fill, ready to be flatted back once dry to check for any more bits that need filling. Next was primer and paint. The finished article???

Rust free and ready to go! If your vehicle has some rust, I’d encourage you to get it looked at. Unfortunately, it’ll only spread further and cost more to fix!

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