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Love your car more- part 3

Love your car more FB COver

A big thing that’ll keep your car happy is to regularly check the tyre pressure.

Incorrect tyre pressures can cause lots of problems including lower mileage, damage to the tyres and it can affect your brakes too. Just check the tyre pressure each month.

It’s super easy even if you don’t have your own tyre pump. Just head to your local petrol station (or better yet, do it while you’re filling up with fuel! Two birds, one stone) and use their machines. They’re usually free to use too. They all work a little differently, but the general gist is- set the PSI (pressure per square inch) you want your tyres to be at, go to each tyre in turn, remove the air cap, attach the pressure gauge from the machine and fill until it’s at the required PSI. Reattach your cap and your good to go. The PSI will be different for different cars so check your car manual or online for the magic number to aim to!


That’s part 3 done. Look out for part 4…

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