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Love your car more- part 4

Love your car more FB COver

Something feel or sound different? Our fourth nugget of car advice is don’t wait until it gets worse to get it checked out!

Leaving a bang, clunk or a pull could lead to worse problems and a potentially expensive repair. A quick check over can sometimes preempt more extensive damage.

A clunk could be your suspension. Leaving a suspension problem and driving over our lovely bumpy roads could result in more damage to your anti-roll bar link, shock absorbers or springs. A squeak when you’re braking could mean your pads and discs need changing. Not getting them sorted can really affect your cars braking ability. If you’re car is pulling to one side or tyres are wearing unevenly this could mean your tyres need looking at or wheels need aligning.

It’s pretty unlikely that your car will fix itself and although it’s tempting to ignore it and hope it goes away, the best thing to do it get it checked out by a professional. It could be nothing, but if it’s something, the quicker you get it sorted- the better!

Basically, if it feels or sounds weird- check it out!

Fry check engine light meme

Part 4 of Love you car more is over… one more part to go!

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