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Love your car more- part 2

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Way to keep your car happy number 2- Check your levels!

I’m talking about oil, coolant and washer fluid.




IMG_20180206_121845868The most important is oil. This is what keeps your engine running, and running with no oil can be catastrophic for your engine (and I‘m not even being dramatic there!). Check your oil level with the dip stick each month to make sure your running on the right level.

All you need is a bit of kitchen roll or a rag. Pull out the dip stick IMG_20180206_121856066and wipe it clean.

Insert it all the way back in then remove again. This will give you an accurate level. If it’s low or drops suddenly, give us a call and we can investigate as you make have an oil leak.



Coolant- sounds scary but don’t worry! All your you’re doing is checking the level. Remember to check it when the cars engine is cold (when the engine is hot and has been running the coolant system gets pressurised so you won’t get the correct level). Just locate where your coolant goes and take a look at the outside of the little tub- you should see min/max lines. As long as the level is between these two lines you’re hunkydory. If it’s low, give us a bell!

IMG_20180206_121906732Washer fluid, though not detrimental to the running of your car, if your caught empty when your driving and your windscreen gets mucky it can get smeary really fast! A smeary windscreen is pretty hard to see out of! Just get some ready mixed washer fluid and top up to the max line. We will top this up with every service, but during rainy and cold times of the year it will run out faster.

How to love your car more- part 3… coming soon…

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