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Love your car more- part 1

Love your car more FB COver

To celebrate this season of love we are going to take you through a few ways you can love your car a little more. It’s all with the view of saving you money in the long run and keeping your car happy and running smoothly for as long as possible!

Here is a simple start for you….

Give it a clean!

Now I’m definitely one that needs to listen to this… The inside of my car is regularly a mess! I blame the dogs and children. However, leaving the interior of your car messy and dirty can lead to the upholstery getting marked and damaged. Here’s mine this morning…

How embarrassing…

This might not be too much of a problem but could make it more difficult to get the best price for your car in the future if you decide to sell it. Plus it makes finding anything a nightmare!

Mucky car meme
This isn’t my car… I promise!

The exterior is more important. Leaving things like tree sap and bird poo or even mud on the outside of your car can damage the paintwork faster than you’d think. Damaged paintwork, if left untreated can lead to rust spots and rust is hard to get rid of, especially if it is left.

So get it cleaned! Head to the car wash, get out a bucket and sponge or book it in with us for a valet.

I took the opportunity to redeem myself and clean my car out this afternoon. Just look at the difference! 30 minutes, a hoover and a big bag gives you…

How to love your car more- part 2… coming soon…

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