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Some tips for safer driving in the snowy weather.

With colder weather on the way, the likelihood of snow and ice on the roads is increasing. Take a look at our tips to keep you safer on the roads.

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Rust Repair- cut, patch, weld, paint!

In simple terms, this weeks rust repair needed to be cut out, patched and welded and finally painted. However, rust repairs are NEVER simple! This is what we started with... and the closer you get the worse it looks. The difficult thing about a rust repair is that until we start to grind it all… Continue reading Rust Repair- cut, patch, weld, paint!

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Spot The Peeling Lacquer…

Peeling lacquer is not good for your cars paint. Although it can happen with age, the peeling on this car is due to something else. Unfortunately, at some point in the cars life, someone has repaired this, and not done it all that well. And it all comes down to the lacquer application. The lacquer… Continue reading Spot The Peeling Lacquer…