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Retro Fitting Parking Sensors

A customer got in touch recently to ask if we could retrofit some reverse parking sensors to their car. We were more than happy to help!

We started by removing the rear light that contains the reversing light. The new sensors will run off the same power source meaning they will work at the same time.

Then we marked up where the sensor would sit in the bumper.

Starting with a centre mark, we measured out to make sure the 4 holes will be in exactly the right places.

Next step- drill the holes where marked. As most bumpers are plastic, drilling the holes is simple and makes no damage to the surrounding paintwork.

Next is the fiddly bit- wiring the new unit in. Each of the 4 parking sensors comes wired up to a small unit. This unit is wired into the wiring for the reverse light. Once soldered together and covered the light can be refitted.

Here is the finished job. These retrofit parking sensors are nice and neat, so once they’ve been fitted you’d never know they weren’t there all along!

If you’re thinking about getting something retrofitted to your vehicle, like parking sensors, give us a call! We’d love to help.

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