Summer holiday prep not to forget

As many people head off on their summer holidays soon, it’s a good idea to give your car a once over. Unexpected surprises or breakdowns could easily put a dampener on holiday plans!

1. Check your levels


I’m talking about oil, coolant and washer fluid.

Checking the levels on all these is really important before any long journey.

Each car is a little different, but if you want to see how, you can check out our old post on checking your levels.

2. Check you tyre pressures

Incorrect tyre pressures can cause lots of problems including lower mileage, damage to the tyres and it can affect your brakes too. Just head to your local petrol station (or better yet, do it while you’re filling up with fuel! Two birds, one stone) and use their machines. The PSI will be different for different cars so check your car manual or online for the magic number to aim to!

3. Give your car a good listening to

Fry check engine light meme

Something feel or sound different? It’s a good idea to get it checked out before you go on a long journey.

Leaving a bang, clunk or a pull could lead to worse problems and a potentially expensive repair. A quick check over can preempt further damage.

It’s pretty unlikely that your car will fix itself and although it’s tempting to just hope it goes away, the best thing to do is get it checked out by a professional. It could be nothing, but if it’s another way to protect your holiday it’s worth it!

Happy holidays!

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