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Our Top Tips for Defrosting your Car

Brrr! It’s cold out! With the temperature dropping it means it’s car window defrosting time.

Here’s our tips for making it a quick and easy as possible.

  • Check your wipers are off. If they turn on while iced to the windscreen it can damage their motor.
  • Turn on the blower and air con. The blower, on hot and pointed at the windscreen, will warm the windscreen and melt the ice while the air con will help reduce the moisture in the car helping to demist it quicker.
  • Crack a window. Opening a window a little is another thing that will help reduce the moisture in the car.
  • Use your washers and wipers. Once unstuck, the de-icer that is in your screen wash can help to quickly melt the ice on the outside of the windscreen.
  • Scrape while you wait. While the inside is warming up, get your trusty scraper and give the outside of the windows a scrape to remove what ice and frost you can. A proper scraper is best as it will do the best job and avoid unnecessary scratches, BUT I have be caught short and used a library card without any damage… though it did take ages!

The 3 Big No No’s

  • NEVER use hot water. The temperature shock can break the glass
  • NEVER leave your car running, with the keys in the ignition, unattended.
  • DON’T drive until the the windows are clear and there is no snow on the car.

Handy things to Remember

  • Keep a scraper and some de-icer in your car.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to allow all the windows to clear fully.
  • Make sure your washer fluid is filled up, and have some on hand to refill if needed.
  • Wrap up warm while you wait!

Drive safe this winter!

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