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Today we’ve got a flood damaged vehicle at the workshop. Here’s what we’re doing to fix it…

Woodseats, Sheffield- This was the bottom of my hill at lunchtime last Thursday!

The recent weather has been terrible. Homes flooded, train lines submerged, schools closed and roads damaged. Today we’ve got a flood damaged vehicle at the workshop. Here’s what we’re doing to fix it.

When water gets into your car it can do real damage. This car was had driven through some flood water which was deep enough for it to get into the scuttle tray (the channel at the top of the bonnet/bottom of the windscreen).

Though this is designed to take the water run off from the windscreen and then drain away, the debris in floodwater has clogged up the drain points.

Here’s one of the drain points, after removing most of the bits. You can see the sheer amount of muck and mud that’s been there…

That black mesh in the left picture is the cabin filter. Its full of bits and will need replacing. Along with that, the channel underneath is full of water and bits. This has been sloshing about into the car so the carpets and were drenched.

Fortunately, for now, it doesn’t seem that there is any major damage. However, lots of the cars electrical wires run through the scuttle tray, so once we’ve emptied all the water out it will require a thorough check over.

Fingers crossed for minimal damage!

Please remember- stay safe on the roads! Drive carefully, and if you’re not sure how deep the water is, don’t risk it.

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