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Bumper Corner Repair

Bumper Corner Repair Insignia.png

One of the body work repairs we do most often is a bumper corner repair. Corners are easily scuffed, scratched or dented so this is quite a common repair.

IMG-20180326-WA0001.jpgThis particular car was slightly more tricky. Although the damage wasn’t too bad and didn’t require much shaping, this corner was repaired by us previously which means we need to be more thoughtful about the prep stage to ensure the re-repaired corner looks as good as it can when we were finished.


We started, as usual by sanding back the panel. This corner needed taking back to almost metal before we could progress because of the previous  repair work done. It takes a little more time to do but is worth it in the long run. Once stripped back there was a little shape work needed so the damage was filled, let to dry then sanded in the correct shape.

Then it was a case of the usual, primer, paint and lacquer, to give us a great finish!

You’d never know it had been repaired twice!

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