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2018- We’re coming for you!

New Year Cover

Can you believe it? It’s 2018!

We’re back at work today and we’re ready and raring to go. This week we’ve already got a repair on a leaking head gasket, dealing with a faulty crank sensor, MOTs, servicing AND paintwork.

Here’s a few of our resolutions for this year-

1- Keep Busy! A full diary makes us happy 🙂 And a consistently full diary means we can look to the possibility of expanding.

2- Keep it tidy! We made great strides this year with decluttering the workshop and keeping the place tidy. As they say- tidy work space, tidy mind.

3- Finish the paint bay! The target for 2018 is to get the paint bay done and up and running. Although there is still lots to do, we’re ready to get cracking.

4- Put our customers first. Now this is always on our to do list but because it is so important to us it needed to go on the list! In order to put you first we hope to streamline some of our practices and make things even easier for you to book in and get in touch. From text and email alerts to messaging via Facebook to getting the most up to date paint systems, we’re on it this year to make things the best we can for our customers

And that’s it! Plenty to be getting on with… best crack on then!

A happy New Year to you all.

2018? You can bring it on… we’re ready!


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