Wheel arch and sill repair

One of this week’s jobs has been a wheel arch and sill repair. There was a pretty nasty dent which was deep and needed a lot of shaping work.

Take a look at the pictures before we got to work on it;



Joe got to work flatting back the damage and pushing out the dent. Then it was time for shaping. The position of the repair sits right on the swage lines for the sill, the door and the wheel arch. This means a slightly more tricky job that requires filling, flatting and shaping repeatedly to get the shape correct for each swage line as they converge! To get to this stage that car was worked on for nearly a full day! Here it is ready for primer.

After primer, a coat of underseal is added to the sill. This is a thick, textured paint that prevents stones from chipping the paint off that is so close to the road. Once it is painted and lacquered it blends in completely and will match the rest of the sills on this car.


Finally, we’re ready for the paint stage. It takes 3 or 4 coats of paint to cover and blend in a repair like this properly. Each coat is left to dry for a while before the next is applied. Once Joe finished with the paint he adds a coat of lacquer. Take a look at the finished article;


Then he’ll finish the job with a buff and polish and then it’s ready to head home!

before and after sill arch repair

If you have some bodywork damage that needs repairing, why not get in touch for an estimate?

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