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MOT due in November?


Did you catch our post last month on services? Well now I’m on about MOTs!

Having a valid MOT on your car is an annual legal requirement. An MOT makes sure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for you to drive. Driving without an up to date MOT can not only end in a hefty fine from the police if you’re caught, but it also invalidates your insurance- not good!

We offer a full car MOT for just £35. Yep, £35. That’s it! No VAT to pay, nothing extra. Just £35.

If your car fails on anything we’ll always give you call to price up the work. We also notify you of any advisories that come from the MOT and send you a reminder later in the year when we’d recommend the work gets completed.

If you’re car is due this month get in touch to book it in on 01246 292806. If you’re not sure when it’s due, you can take advantage of the MOT status checker.

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