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Are your tyres legal?

Tyre blog picture

Did you know it’s an instant 3 points on your license if you have an illegal tyre? Plus a fine of up to £2500… PER tyre!

Not only are tyres with no tread potentially very costly, but also dangerously affect the ability your vehicle has to stop quickly.

The tyre in this picture is one we changed recently. It has lost almost all the tread and has some of the ply exposed. Not good! These are super dangerous.

Stay safe and check your tyres!

If you’re unsure whether your tyres are safe, pop by and we can take a look, other wise this is a helpful article so you can check yourself-


We fit tyres for just £12.50 (+VAT) per tyre- this includes fitting, balancing and disposal of the old tyre. We can supply tyres from £30 (+VAT) per tyre. Get in touch for more details and price for you car.

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